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(Till Eulenspiegel by bernswaelz via pixabay)


  1. Hi Chris!

    I really liked the concept that you have. I can tell you have a good sense of humor just by reading your interesting take on April Fool's Day. I like the concept of having a competition since the tricksters all have big prides. By the way, I like how you mentioned that because their pride is a strong driver on why they are reacting the way that they did. I would include if it had rules or not or if "anything goes" for the competition type of deal. I would've also loved to hear what kind of tricks/pranks they've performed. I'm sure you're gonna go into that in the bulk of your story since i can see you were alluding to it.

  2. Hi Chris!
    I really like that your story book is about April Fools Day and the people that like to participate in its festivities. I actually really enjoy April Fools Day because I enjoy playing tricks on people so I will find your story book very interesting. I think it is neat and interesting that there will be many different tricksters gathering together from all over the world, in one place to discuss all of their different tricks they have all played on other people over the years. I am looking forward to reading more and finding out what all tricks will be played and what drama or problems may occur having all of these people together that have such strong senses of pride. I think that you are off to a very good start and your introduction does a good job explaining what your story book will be about.

  3. Hi Chris!
    I love the picture of the statue that you used on your home page. When I clicked on your storybook from the page containing our entire classes projects, I didn't exactly know what to expect. This picture gave me a little immediate insight into what you would be writing about. I also think your title is really interesting and pulls the reader in well!
    I had no idea what the origin of April Fool's was, so it was really cool to get some background on why that is a holiday and where the festivities stem from. I am excited to learn was these professional tricksters did! I am excited to read about the competition between them, it is like ancient prank wars. Will their country's of origin play a part in their tricks and/or personalities? Will you be writing from the trickster's perspective? I love this topic and am very eager to read your stories!

  4. Hi Chris,

    I think the idea of a storybook based on Trickster stories is really interesting. I wonder what it is specifically that made you choose this theme or idea? Something you had read previously? I think it is really cool that you started off with the idea of April fools and how the origin of that came about. I absolutely love how you had the characters somewhat interact in the introduction, giving them a more concrete opener. Now us as the audience knows the three Stories you will tell (Most likely) because we have an idea of the characters. We also know the content of the stories somewhat. I assume they will each narrate their own story of how they are the trickiest trickster. I of course expected Loki, he is a great character and his story will be interesting to dive into. I am interested to learn more about your other two characters though, I have not heard of them so I am excited to learn more!

  5. Hi Chris!

    Right off the bat, I would just like to say the font is hard to read. I do like the font, but maybe a bigger font size would help :) Second, your introduction is brilliant. Telling the trickery stories as a competition to see who is the best at their tricks is an awesome way to format your storybook! I like your first story a lot. A small grammar thing would be to say "asked me to solve *an* issue at their hospital" instead of *the* issue, since we don't yet know what *the* issue is :) A bit of thinking out loud here: I wonder if the three trickster characters all reveal themselves and Loki is the actual best-trickster. I'm really curious to read about the others' trickery and if they're rewarded or punished for their past efforts. Really great job, Chris! I like what I've read so far!

  6. Hi Chris!

    I knew when I clicked on your page and saw the picture and the title, it was gonna be a good one. You started off the introduction with such a compelling story and I felt like I jumped right into whatever you had to tell me, and I was ready to listen. I do think it was a little hard to read so maybe play with some fonts and find one that aligns with the personality of your story, but is still fun!! I think it's interesting that you're telling the story of different tricksters. I've been super into vikings, so seeing Loki on there totally caught my attention. I wonder if the tricksters will meet or how the story with ultimately come to a conclusion. That may not be what you're going for though! I really can't wait to read more about these tricksters and I love how fun this story is so far :)

  7. Hi Chris!
    The picture of the jester on your homepage really drew me in, as others have said, I knew this would be a great project. I thought it was funny that three jesters from around the world came into a room and began arguing about who had tricked the most people, or who had the best tricks. When Loki came in I immediately got excited not because the character from marvel, but from my storybook research and writing on Norse mythology. Loki is the trickster god in Norse Mythology. I think it would be a good story idea of one or all of these tricksters trying to trick Loki. This introduction sets up a great many ways you could go with the stories that follow. It was good story telling that each character of the three was so unique. Till was confident and arrogant, Anansi seems like a strong silent type, and Coyote seems like a middle of the road type.

  8. Hey Chris,
    I do love the home page image. The statue is attractive and representative of how I view a trickster. The hat with the bell at the end, the pointed looking shoes, and the grin. Great first impression. The banner image on the intro and story 1 page looks like it could be good but the quality of the image slightly takes away from its effectiveness. I may recommend a different image or a more clear and defined image of the same thing. I love the first paragraph of your intro. It really sets the scene and context of April 1st and I like the idea of it being a day that tricksters come together as a community. I like that Loki is a constructive character and moves the story forward. I could see him later competing against them in a way or trying to trick them himself after gaining their trust. The first story is great! It seems that the stories will go in the order that the tricksters were mentioned in the intro. Each trickster already seems to have different character traits. You've done a great job with Till and I'm excited to see where you go next!

  9. Hi Chris! What a creative story idea! I especially love that there is a global gathering for tricksters that takes place on April 1st. I found the date you chose to be quite funny. Also, I loved your addition of Loki as the host to the competition. One thing I would suggest is changing the font of the body of your story. I think the font that you currently have works really well for the title and headings, but it does make it a little hard (on my eyes at least) to read long blocks of text in that font. One thing I wonder after reading the Introduction and your first story is whether or not Loki will trick the three tricksters at the very end of story--with so many tricksters all in one place, I somehow can't imagine that the voting competition will end up being completely fair! Overall, though, this Storybook was great to read!

  10. Hey Chris,
    Its a me again. I really like your 2nd story. Coyote at the end of the first story comes up all confident that his stories will be so much better and then he tells just an ok story to start out. A coyote to me is an animal that is confident but not overtly funny or social since they keep to themselves much. So I think Coyote's first story kind of aligns with my viewpoint of a coyote's personality. Also, his shapeshifting is just a cool characteristic. Your writing style is excellent. Switching from the character telling the story to the dialogue after a story is told. Good transitions in those spots as well as paragraph breaks. I do like Coyote's 2nd story more and the sun idea is really unique. You go a great job of balancing the different aspects of this story from the villagers standpoint to the dragon's tendencies. The only part I am slightly confused about is pulling the sun down into the river. It is just a little difficult for me to imagine because of the vast size differences of the two, but it doesn't affect my opinion of the story. Great story, Chris!

  11. Hello Chris! I am here from the Indian Epics class, good to meet you! I just got finished reading your story "Coyote's Story". Since I am here from another class, I decided to read your sources that were the inspiration for your version first. The originals, "Coyote and Grizzly" and "Coyote and the Dragon" were such fun stories! I think you did a fantastic job of taking elements from both and ultimately creating your own unique, fun to read story. It was a lot of fun to experience something else besides the epics although they are a blast as well. I also wanted to let you know that I think your website itself is also phenomenal. It is not only very visually appealing but also very easy to navigate. If I had one bit of advice, I'd say to put the story titles where you have "Story 1" and "Story 2" in the top right corner. Regardless, awesome job man!

  12. Hi Chris! I just finished your storybook, and I really enjoyed it! I like trickster stories, and they were some of my favorite to read in this class. I think you did a great job! For this weeks feedback we have to discuss paragraphs. I think your paragraphs are put together well, they aren't too spaced apart or too large. Your breaks are good, and it helps the story flow. Great job!

  13. Hi Chris! I too did a trickster story myself in my story portfolio except I did The Snake and The Mouse, so I was very eager to read what you created. The fact that the gathering was on April 1st is quite funny considering that it is April Fools Day. I really liked that little spin. You do a great job switching from telling the story to the dialogue. I think that was something that I kind of struggling in my trickster story. I have to say that I think the Coyote story was my favorite one from your portfolio. Right off the bat your introduction and image draws in your readers and makes them want to keep going. Your authors note is great, and I like the format that you used for your stories and for your website. Great job Chris, and it has been fun reading your stories!

  14. Hello Chris!

    I really enjoyed the fact that your story book is about April Fools Day and the people that like to participate in its festivities. I never really thought of it as a holiday but more of an internet troll thing! I actually really enjoy watching people do their things on April Fools Day because I enjoy playing tricks on people so I will find your story book very interesting. I find the story to be neat and interesting that there will be many different tricksters gathering together from all over the world, in one place to discuss all of their different tricks they have all played on other people over the years. I look forward to reading more in your storybook and finding out what all tricks will be played and what drama or problems may occur having all of these people together that have such strong senses of pride. Overall, your story has a great base to it and I really enjoyed reading it so thank you for that!


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